About Jai Ram Foundry

  • JRF is the shining foundry name in the existing generation.
  • It's been the no.1 company for providing and supplying Cast Iron products with skilled labours, man power and quality tested products.
  • Each and every product with the trade name JRF goes through various testing techniques in the testing labouratories, finishing and crafting with skilled and professional engineers.
  • JRF has gone through all the works which has to do concern with major government and sem-government.
  • JRF has the capability, capacity and man power to fulfill all the cast iron requirements.


  • Sewing Machine Stand.
  • Sewing Machine Tables
  • Cast Iron Pipes and Fitting.
  • Cast Iron Drainage Covers.
  • Earth Pipes and Fitting.
  • Barrel Pipes and Fittings.
  • Hand Pumps.
  • Other general Cast Iron Products.

Managing Director(MD)
Shri. Jairam Prasad Singh:

  • A special message: I have been in the field of manufacturing Cast Iron products since 30 years and i am proud of it.
  • A simple moto of JRF is when you pay for JRF product, You are worth of it.

Shri. Ashok Prasad Singh:

  • A special message: I am concerned with quality of the product since 20 years. I have a man power who works day and night in providing good, quality tested product that you wont be disappointed.