Sewing machine stand

Sewing machine tables

Cast iron pipes and fitting

Cast iron manhole covers

Earth pipes and fitting

Barrel pipes and fittings

Hand Pumps

Other general Cast iron products

Cast Iron pipes and Fittings    
Sizes available 75mm 100mm
Internal socket diameter  100mm min 127mm min
External diameter 89mm max 144mm max
Spigot thickness  5mm  5mm
Socket thickness 6.5mm 6.5mm
Depth of socket 70mm 76mm
Mass of pipes 16.5 kgs 21.6  kgs
Over all lenth of pipe 1800mm 1800mm
Cast Iron Drainage Covers    
Rectangular Covers    
Clear Opening Frame Depth Seating
225*300 18 40
450*450 30 50
450*650 35 50
Circular Covers
Size Available 370mm, 450mm, 480mm, 500mm Diameter
  • Circular,square n rectangular covers are also available in different sizes as per the customer requirement.
  • Hand pump standard size available= 5 inch and 6 inch.
  • Sweing machine SB and TA1 available.
  • Sweing machine TABLES available of different sizes and as per customer requirement.
  • Standard size of earth pipe and barrel pipes available.
  • Other general casting as per customer requirement.


  • Sewing Machine Stand.
  • Sewing Machine Tables
  • Cast Iron Pipes and Fitting.
  • Cast Iron Drainage Covers.
  • Earth Pipes and Fitting.
  • Barrel Pipes and Fittings.
  • Hand Pumps.
  • Other general Cast Iron Products.